exchange [eks chānj′, ikschānj′]
exchanged, exchanging [ME eschaungen < OFr eschangier < VL * excambiare: see EX-1 & CHANGE]
a) to give, hand over, or transfer (for another thing in return)
b) to receive or give another thing for (something returned)
2. to give and receive (equivalent or similar things); interchange [to exchange gifts]
3. to give up for a substitute or alternative [to exchange honor for wealth]
1. to make an exchange; barter; trade
2. Finance to pass in exchange [currency that exchanges at par]
1. a giving or taking of one thing for another; trade; barter
2. a giving to one another of similar things [an exchange of greetings]
3. the substituting of one thing for another [an exchange of tears for smiles]
4. a thing given or received in exchange
5. a place for exchanging; esp., a place where trade is carried on in securities or commodities by brokers, merchants, etc. [a stock exchange ]
6. a central office, or a system operated by it, providing telephone communication in a community or in part of a city
7. Commerce Finance
a) the payment of debts by negotiable drafts or bills of exchange, without actual transfer of money
b) a bill of exchange
c) a fee paid for settling accounts or collecting a draft, bill of exchange, etc.
d) an exchanging of a sum of money of one country or of a depreciated issue for the equivalent in the money of another country or of a current issue
f) difference in value between currencies
g) [pl.] the checks, drafts, etc. presented to a clearinghouse for exchange and settlement
1. exchanged; interchanged
2. having to do with an exchange [an exchange broker]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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